Melt Away Your Toxins with the Balneotherapy in the Chromatub

It’s that time of year where winter is inclined to take a toll on our bodies–especially during the cold, snowy days, plus stress from the holidays.

Each year, our bodies gradually age, with the annual regret of bad diet, habits and choices we consistently make during the winter season.  This ultimately makes our lymphatic process slow down, causing an accumulation of toxins in our bodies. We suggest detoxifying with the Aspira Spa body treatment – Balneotherapy in the Chromatub. This is an effective 25-minute treatment that increases blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as promotes detoxification that will aid in addressing your winter woes!

Imagine the tranquility of 270 jets stimulating and relaxing your muscles.

Did you know Aspira Spa is the only spa in the United States that uses the Chromatub for balneotherapy: incorporating Chromatherapy (color therapy) and hydrotherapy (water therapy) in one treatment?

What to Expect

Components of the Balneotherapy Chromatub include aromatherapy, scalp massage, under-water massage, and Chromatherapy. The underwater massage uses jets and cold-water effusion on your hands and feet which leaves you feeling relaxed. Chromatherapy is used to bring the body back in balance with the color frequency. [Red is for circulation, orange is for toning and firming, yellow is for water retention, green is for calming and soothing, blue is for detoxing, and purple is for healing.]