Be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity to tell your friends (or bring them along) you were part of one of the exclusive audiences to see the Independent Documentary “The Water of Life”, right here at The Osthoff Resort!

the water of life documentary“The Water of Life is a feature documentary that focuses on the craftsmen, chemists, and renegades at the heart of the whisky revolution that turned the stagnant scotch whisky industry of the 1980s in the titan it is today. Starting behind the locked gates of an abandoned distillery, Jim McEwan ad Mark Reynier share their personal experiences of the risk-taking and wild experimentation the used to turn Bruichladdich into what it is today. The film takes you on the journeys of other early visionaries like Gordan & MacPhail, Billy Walker, Dr. Rachel Barrie and David Stewart, whose mixture of talent, chemistry, hard work, grit, and a little sprinkle of magic paved the way for the next generation of innovators like Adam Hannett, Kelsey McKechnie, Liam Hughes, Iain Croucher and Eddie Brook.” – Greg Swartz, Director

Join the journey and enjoy sampling four different Scotches from the visionary creators who pass their knowledge from one generation to the next.


Samples Include:

Bruichladdich Classic Scottish Barley

Bruichladdich Islay Barley

Port Charlotte 10

Port Charlotte Islay Barley


The Bruichladdich Distillery, bringing “the lifeblood of a country”, Scotland, to you!


Friday January 21st and Saturday January 22nd – 3pm

Limited Space Available, sign up now!


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