Meet Our Wellness Advisor, Mickaela Summers, BSW, LMT, CYT
Mickaela brings a wealth of knowledge with over 20 years in the wellness industry. Her experience has motivated, inspired, and shaped others to improve their self-care journey through mind, body, spirit and emotion. Read More

zents figWelcome Winter with Our New Hydrating Fig Wrap

To help you put your best self forward, we’ve introduced a new Hydrating Fig Wrap, to get your skin hydrated and in tip-top shape, just in time for the winter season!




Aspira Spa’s New Cinnamon Pumpkin Body Scrub
Imagine a body scrub that exfoliates while sealing in moisture at the same time. Introducing our new seasonal treatment, the Pumpkin Cinnamon Body Scrub!

body treatment
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