The same focus on creativity, flavor and freshness that you’ll find in our restaurants carries over to our banquet menus.

To inquire about availability for dates, please fill out the following form:


To see a list of our Catering Policies, see below:

  • Guarantee: A minimum guarantee of attendance must be received before 12:00 noon, three business days prior to the event. This is the minimum number for which you will be charged. The hotel will provide seating and food for 5% above the designated guarantee count. The guarantee listed on the banquet event order will apply if not revised three business days prior the event. No reductions in guarantee will be accepted less than three business days prior to the event.


  • Security: The Osthoff Resort cannot assume responsibility for the damage to or loss of any merchandise or articles left in the hotel prior to during, or following an event. If valuable items must be left in any banquet area, it is recommended that a security firm be retained at the group’s expense. The Osthoff Resort may request that security be required based upon the nature of the function. This will be at the Function Planners expense. The Catering Department will assist in making any arrangements. The hotel retains the right to approve, coordinate and monitor any supplemental security services.


  • Taxes/Pricing: All Federal, State and Municipal taxes are applicable and will be assessed to all goods and services (including service charge).


  • Food and Beverage Services: All food and beverage must be supplied by the hotel. Our Catering menus are designed to provide a full range of menu and beverage suggestions. Our Catering staff will be happy to prepare alternative selections. All services must be coordinated in accordance with state and local laws and hotel policy. There is a 20% service charge applied to all food and beverage items.


  • Function Space and Requirements: The hotel reserves the right to adjust the room assignment based upon the actual number guaranteed. Changes in banquet room arrangements within 24 hours will be subject to additional labor charges. The guest agrees to begin the function at the scheduled time and agrees to have guests and invitees vacate the designated function space at the closing hour indicated on the Banquet Event Order.


  • Banquet Room Liability: The Osthoff Resort reserves the right to inspect and control all private functions. Liability for the damages to the premises will be charged to the representative making the arrangements at the actual repair or replacement cost. Please note the following:

a) Tape, nails, push pins or potential damaging fasteners MAY NOT be used to hang signs or other materials on the walls in the hotel. Easels area available through our Audio Visual department for this purpose.

b) No posters or signs may be located in the hotel lobby without prior permission.


  • Payment: Full payment is due at least three business days prior to the function (at the time the minimum guarantee is given). The amount due for additional guests or additional food and beverage items are payable at the end of the function unless other arrangements have been made through the Catering Department. Billing is possible if credit has been established to the satisfaction of the Accounting Department, at least two weeks prior the event. Determination of a deposit or payment in advance is decided from information received by our Accounting Department. All cancellations must be received in writing. Cancellation fees and deposit refunds will be outlined in the Sales or Catering contract.


  • Audiovisual Equipment: The hotel has its own audiovisual department, PSAV. All special equipment and services can be arranged directly with PSAV. Guests will be responsible for all rental and labor charges incurred.


  • Engineering Services: Should meetings require extra lighting, electrical requirements, or Engineering assistance, this information must be provided 14 days in advance. Depending on the extent of the arrangements and additional labor and equipment needed, additional charges may bee assessed.


  • Subcontractors: The Catering Department will be happy to refer florists, decorators, musicians or photographers. All subcontractors must abide by hotel policies as established by The Osthoff Resort.


  • As required by the American Disabilities Act, our meeting facilities are accessible by persons with disabilities.

**Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are subject to prevailing service charges and all state taxes.