These Kids Activities Will Keep Your Family Entertained for Hours

Elkhart Lake Kids Activities

If you’re looking for the perfect place to celebrate the summertime with your family, Elkhart Lake has everything you need! There are so many Elkhart Lake kids’ activities to enjoy, from exploring our beautiful shoreline to gliding across the lake on kayaks. The magic of Elkhart Lake will leave you and your crew with lasting memories! For more vacation inspo and fun lakeside activities, check out our free Vacation Guide and begin planning the ultimate family escape!  

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The Best Elkhart Lake Kids Activities for Your Family Vacation to Wisconsin

If you’re looking for the perfect way to take a lovely vacation with your family, Elkhart Lake has all the family-friendly attractions you need! From water parks to storybook-inspired gardens, the magic of Elkhart Lake will leave you and your little ones with lasting memories. 

These are some of the most popular family-friendly attractions in Elkhart Lake:   

  • Road America 
  • Tie-Dyeing & Candy Bar Bingo 
  • DIY Birdhouses & Science Fun 
  • Canvas, Cupcakes & Kool-Aid 

Pro-tip: Keep this list on hand when you’re planning your trip, and be sure to refer back to it in case you need a little vacation inspiration.  

Enjoy More Family-Friendly Fun at The Osthoff Resort 

Spend an Afternoon on the Lakefront  

The stunning landscape of Elkhart Lake is unparalleled. Our beautiful oasis on Elkhart Lake extends along the northeast shoreline, and it’s home to a vast array of flora and fauna. At The Osthoff Resort, you and the kids can enjoy 500 feet of serene lakefront and a sandy beach that overlooks the lake’s glistening emerald waters. From swimming to building sandcastles the lakefront is an excellent spot for families to play, unwind, and fall in love with Elkhart Lake, WI.  

Ride Kayaks into the Sunset  

Pack some snacks, grab the kids, and rent kayaks for a remarkable island adventure. You’ll get to see Elkhart Lake from a different vantage point, and you won’t be disappointed. For your convenience, our resort offers kayak rentals, so you can spend as much time as you want on the water!  

Dine at the Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Elkhart Lake 

All of these lakeside adventures are bound to make you hungry! Luckily, The Osthoff Resort has many amazing family-friendly restaurants that offer you great food, fun, and a laid-back atmosphere ideal for family dining. 

Check out these tasty resort dining options when you get hungry:   

  • Osthoff Lake Deck 
  • Concourse Restaurant & Lounge 
  • Otto’s Restaurant 
  • Poolside Dining 

Delight in More Lakeside Adventures with The Osthoff Resort  

Once you’ve discovered what Elkhart Lake has to offer, retreat to one of our perfectly comfortable accommodations. Unwinding in our guest rooms or suites is perfect if you need a little time out of the sun or if it’s a rainy day. We offer four accommodation types with plenty of space for everyone in your group! Make your home away from home steps away from the lake and give your family the getaway they deserve.  

To spend your spring break, summer, or any other family vacation with us, check our availability and contact us to book an unforgettable getaway to Elkhart Lake, WI, today! 

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