Kayaking and Paddle boarding: The Perfect Adventure for You

Kayaking and Paddleboarding on Elkhart Lake

If you’re looking for a relaxing activity out on the water, consider kayaking and paddle boarding! Elkhart Lake is a fantastic spot for a leisurely day on the water. There’s no experience required because kayaking and paddle boarding on Elkhart Lake are easy ways to enjoy the quiet beauty of this region while getting some great exercise. 

Here’s Your Guide to the Best Kayaking and Paddle Boarding on Elkhart Lake 

Where to Rent Kayaks and Paddleboards on Elkhart Lake? 

Nothing quite compares to a day of kayaking and paddle boarding on Elkhart Lake, but before you hit the water, you’ll need the right equipment. Luckily, our recreational rentals offer everything from kayaks and paddleboards to lifejackets and paddles! Choose from single kayaks, tandem kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and canoes at great hourly rates. No matter how you choose to explore the lake, our kayak and paddleboard rentals promise an adventure like no other.  

The Osthoff Resort watercraft rental rates:  

  • Single kayak | $25 per hour
  • Tandem kayak | $35 per hour  
  • Stand-up paddleboard | $35 per hour 
  • Canoe | $25 per hour 

Self-Guided Eco-Tours 

Not only are kayak and paddleboard excursions a fantastic experience, but they are also eco-friendly and fun for everyone. This unique trip idea is a great way to explore Elkhart Lake because you can venture anywhere! As you make your way across the lake’s crystal-clear and gentle waterways, keep an eye out for its beautiful wildlife!  

Elkhart Lake Insider Tip: Be sure to check the weather before you embark on your eco-tour and remain close to the shoreline and inside the buoys surrounding the lake. 

Paddle Home to The Osthoff Resort  

After a day of kayaking and paddle boarding, head home to The Osthoff Resort for the best lodging on Elkhart Lake. Unwind for the evening at any of our on-site restaurants. At each location, you’ll find an extensive menu that features fine wines and delicious entrées, prepared with only the freshest ingredients.  

Afterward, rest your head in our two-bedroom suite. In this premium suite, you can enjoy a private balcony with beautiful views, king-size beds, and spacious living areas. In addition to these excellent in-room amenities, you will also have access to our Aspira Spa services and fantastic resort activities!  

If you are ready to plan your next getaway, check our availability and book your stay. We can’t wait to host you at The Osthoff Resort! 

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